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DON’Trelaxthmb WASTE TIME: New Client Set Up Forms
Having fast easy-to-use new client setup check list is vital for getting all of the information from your client the first time. Having a checklist. . .
. . .
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CORB9143DOWNLOAD: Worksheets for Bookkeeping
Professional, well-designed worksheets save time and money. Looking for worksheets is wasted time. Anytime spent that is not “billable” is wasted time.. . . . more >>

PROTECT YOUR PRACTICE: Use Engagement Letters
It is very important that you use engagements letters to protect your practice. Even your Errors and Omissions insurance knows the importance of using engagement letters. Your premium may. . . . more >>

confithmbPROTECT YOUR CLIENTS: Use Non-disclosure
As important as engagement letters, the non-disclosure agreements are just as important. Protect your clients information and your processes from being disclosed to competitors …more